The houses will destroy our beautiful green belt land, the schools, doctors and roads will not cope with that many people, we are a Village not a Town!

What's This About?

The local council are proposing the addition of 691 housing developments around the borders of the village

Can I Do Anything About It?

YES! You can help the Village Action Group compose a formal objection with carefully thought through appeals

What Do I Need To Do?

Contact a Village Action Group member and attend the meetings. Simply flyering of the houses on your street can go a long way to help!

When Do I Need To Take Action?

NOW! Simply support the campaign and you can help stop this!

Am I Affected?

YES! The village infrastructure will be hugely impacted regardless of if the houses are next to your home. Check out the plans here

Are You On Facebook?

Yes - join us here Facebook

Get Alerts About The Housing Proposal

By providing your telephone number, address and email we can quickly distribute important information to you regarding the housing plans. (The information the council doesn't provide!)

Latest news

All the latest posts and news about the proposed housing developments

ByAdmin Oct 30, 2018

Inspectors Response To MP Craig Tracey Concerns Over Hawkesbury

The planning inspector has responded to Craig Tracey (MP) who raise concerns over the Hawkesbury area of the borough plan. A copy of the lette

ByAdmin Oct 23, 2018

Bulkington Public Meeting – 22nd October 2018

BRV held another packed out public meeting to update the residents of Bulkington on progress in our fight to prevent the borough plan progressing

ByAdmin Oct 17, 2018

Complaint To NBBC About Dishonest Activities By The Council

We recently were made away of some serious allegations made by a former councillor in relation to the conduct of the Council and their handling o

ByAdmin Oct 10, 2018

3 Local MP’s Throw Weight Behind Opposing The Borough Plan

Three local MP's - Marcus Jones, Mark Pawsey and Craig Tracey have unanimously publicly supported the call for an immediate review of the disastr